Water Provision in Maasaran Sustainable Through Revenue Collection and Community-wide Cooperation

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Tamkeen Communities Begin Work on Cycle IV Projects

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Tamkeen Women Subcommittee in North Aleppo Provides Education for Preschoolers in Camps

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Aleppo Provincial Council Works with Tamkeen to Develop the Capacity of its Offices

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Handover In Action: Maret Al-Numan Local Council takes on good governance

In Cycle IV of Tamkeen, the programme shifted in the responsibilities of undertaking its activities… Read More ›

Tamkeen works in partnership with Syrian communities and Local Councils to deliver essential services and to foster open governance. It enables communities to select and deliver projects focusing on rehabilitating service delivery and making communities resilient and self-sufficient.

The core of the Tamkeen process is that communities get the essential services that they need, as long as they go through an open, transparent process to identify and deliver them. Tamkeeen is a learning-by-doing process to good governance. It helps Syrian people learn how good governance can benefit them.

Tamkeen is an opportunity to help Syrian people to strengthen their own communities and begin the process of recovery, even during intense conflict. Tamkeen is answering to the desire of Syrian people to have good governance- to help them  realize their wish for participation, accountability and transparency. It is an opportunity to build on the skills and the community spirit that Syrian people have, to empower them to plan and implement service delivery projects, without having to rely on outsiders to do everything for them. It is an opportunity to help Syrian people to meet their own needs for a broad range of services and not just humanitarian needs.

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Cycle IV: Tamkeen Approves Projects in the South Idleb Cluster

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Cycle IV: Tamkeen Approves Projects in Dael

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Cycle IV: Tamkeen Approves Projects in Taftanaz and Hazzano

Cycle IV of Tamkeen is the programme’s second cycle of working with the Idleb countryside… Read More ›

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What is the Community Engagement Phase?

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The Governance Scorecard – Cycle IV

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Cycle III results

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