How Tamkeen involves Local Councils

The Tamkeen programme has three types of goals: to promote the values of good governance, to help to provide services in opposition-controlled areas, and to support the new local councils that are emerging in opposition-controlled areas.

Tamkeen aims to support Local Councils, to build their capacity, to deliver better services and to help them to build their legitimacy in the eyes of local people. However, it has a different approach to supporting Local Councils than the one that is normally used. Tamkeen believes that the best way to build capacity is to start off with strong demand and strong momentum for change. The programme believes that until an organization wants to change and has started the process itself.

So Tamkeen’s approach is to start its work positioned slightly outside the Local Council, but with strong participation and membership from the Local Council. It goes through its programme process, and does its work in a very transparent, public way. Tamkeen believes that when services are delivered in a transparent and public way, people start to like the approach and demand that other organizations use the same approach. The Local Council then starts to see that people want good governance, and undertand what it means in practice. As a result, they start to adopt good governance practices. Tamkeen monitors this process, and the more the Local Council adopts good governance practices, the more control it is given over the programme on the ground. Eventually, Tamkeen implementation on the ground is managed entirely by the Local Council. The more commitment to good governance the Local Council has, and the faster it improves, the more quickly the programme transfers full responsibility to the Local Council.

How Local Councils benefit from our work

Even though it takes some time for the management of the programme to be transferred to the Local Council, the Council benefits from the activities of Tamkeen in many ways. For example

  • All Tamkeen Committees have members from the Local Council, and as a result these members build their capacity for project design, project management and public administration
  • Most Tamkeen projects have the objective of repairing and rehabilitating public service delivery facilities, like roads, water networks and education systems. These are usually managed by Local Councils. Tamkeen ensures that the projects are planned and delivered in partnership with the Local Council. And when the project is finished, Tamkeen ensures that the project is handed over to the Local Council.
  • Tamkeen gives communities the option to fund direct capacity development projects for Local Councils, like projects to improve financial management or revenue collection capacity.

For more information about our approach to Local Councils, download our fact sheet.



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