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Tamkeen is proud to announce the completion of implementation of its fourth financial cycle. 28 Tamkeen Committees and 3 Local Councils implemented projects during the cycle, and have recently handed them over to LACs and other responsible bodies. Aleppo City’s agriculture project remains in progress, and have been handed over to the High Agricultural Council for completion.

Additionally, Tamkeen delivered matching grant projects in Idlib and Aleppo provinces, and provided direct capacity building support to Idlib, Aleppo and Rif Damascus Provincial Councils, and Darret Ezze, Jiza, Marret Nouman, Atme and Aleppo city local councils.

During Cycle IV, the programme implemented total of 246 projects, including – 84 in infrastructure, 45 in education, 43 in health, 10 in livelihoods, 9 in food security and 59 in governance. We have disbursed total of USD 4,576,364.

Out of these projects 42 projects were women led. All Tamkeen communities had at least one women led project with the exception of Jiza and Urem. In Al-Atarib, all projects were women led.

Also, all Tamkeen Communities (with the exception of Aleppo city) have achieved minimum targets on Good Governance Scorecard. It is my utmost pleasure to say that Herak and Maasaran have achieved 100% score, while Nawa and Atarib have achieved 96% of the maximum score.

Additionally, Marret Hurma, Tafas, Zibdeen, Busra, Saqba, Kafr Rouma, Kafr Batna and Tail have achieved 90% or more of the score.