Tamkeen “Brief Guides to Governance”

Governance and Good Governance are explained in different ways by different people. Much of the time, the way that they are explained is very complicated. Tamkeen’s definition of good governance is simple: it is transparency, participation and accountability in public life. To help Tamkeen’s partners and the general public to understand Tamkeen’s concept of good governance, we have prepared a series of documents called the “Brief Guides to Governance”. Each document is just two pages long, and each explains a different aspect of good governance in simple terms- terms that anyone can understand, not just academics and experts.

Each Brief Guide explains what a different aspect of good governance actually is, in simple and practical terms. It then explains why that aspect of good governance is important to normal people. Finally, it gives some examples of how that aspect of good governance works in the Tamkeen programme.

The four topics covered by the guides are

  1. Good governance
  2. Transparency
  3. Participation
  4. Accountability.


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