To build understanding of, and demand for, good governance in Syrian communities

Tamkeen is first and foremost a governance programme. Tamkeen is trying to show to Syrian people what good governance is in practical terms- it is trying to show what good governance means in practice, and the difference it makes to normal life. Tamkeen shows people how decisions about services can be made in a way that is open and participatory. By helping communities to plan and deliver projects in ways that abide by these principles, Tamkeen shows people what good governance is through “learning by doing”. Tamkeen hopes that Syrian people will start to expect openness, transparency and participation all of the time, and not just when dealing with Tamkeen. Its ultimate goal is that even people who do not work with Tamkeen at all will hear about the Tamkeen approach to openness, transparency and participation and will demand it- whenever services are provided and decisions are being made

To deliver services and help Syrian communities to become more resilient to conflict

TAMKEEN is a governance programme, but it also aims to help communities to meet their essential service delivery needs. TAMKEEN provides communities with grants that they can use to build or rehabilitate a wide variety of service delivery needs, including roads, power, water, sanitation, school repair, school supplies, rehabilitation of clinics and hospitals, counselling and psychosocial support, women’s centres, child safety programmes and capacity building for local councils. TAMKEEN empowers communities to identify and prioritize their own needs, and to manage their own projects for meeting those needs. TAMKEEN projects have a special focus on resilience and self-sufficiency- helping communities to reduce their depends on goods and services that are hard for them to get in the war environment.

To strengthen Syria’s new Local Councils

Tamkeen is trying to strengthen the Local Councils which have emerged in opposition-held areas to provide services and governance. Tamkeen funds projects to repair the service delivery systems being managed by Local Councils, and also projects to build the capacity of Local Councils directly. Tamkeen encourages Local Councils to adopt the principles of good governance, and rewards Local Councils that are fully committed to good governance with increasing levels of control over programme activities. In areas where Local Councils have proven to have the highest levels of commitment, the programme allows the Local Council to fully manage on-the-ground implementation.



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