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Tamkeen’s Evaluation and Training Officer presents good governance scorecard to Atmeh TC

Tamkeen believes that administrative and service delivering and bodies ought to be committed to certain principles in the course of their work. The programme views the process of governance which builds into it the values of transparency, accountability, and participation as good governance. These principles are meant to be adopted by all bodies working in governance. Therefore, Tamkeen expects its partners in Local Councils, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, or any other community and governance entities to dedicate themselves to the values of good governance.

Transparency ensures that various information about the process of governance, including financial information related to planning and implementing projects in the community, are easily accessible to community members. Participation creates a space for community members to voice their own opinion, concerns, and ideas with official bodies. And accountability enables communities to hold officials responsible.

Tamkeen believes that demand for these concepts ought to be generated also. Not only are documents accessible to the public, they are shared with them constantly. Community members are also highly encouraged to attend public meetings and participate in planning projects suitable for their communities, while providing feedback and letting officials know whether their work is satisfactory, and take action to remedy the situation otherwise.

“When projects are being implemented, Tamkeen encourages local people
to visit project sites and report problems to the Tamkeen committee.
This allows members of the community who are not committee
members to participate in implementation.”

Tamkeen Brief Guide to Good Governance

In the Tamkeen process, and during each of the programme’s cycles, Tamkeen’s communities carry out a host of activities intended not only to deliver needed services to Syrian cities and towns, but also to do so in a transparent, participatory, and accountable manner. In the programme’s first, second, and third cycles, the primary implementer of this process were Tamkeen’s Committees. In order to ensure that TCs committed to good governance practices throughout their work, the programme issued them “Good Governance Scorecards”. They contain clearly described activities that communities should carry out in each step of the process, and for which they are awarded points and provided a score by the end of the cycle.

To illustrate, here are some examples: Points are awarded for holding public meetings and surveying community needs during the community engagement phase, as this shows commitment by the community to participation. Similarly, upon finalizing project selection, points are awarded for presenting results and engaging the community in the planning and development process, as well as sharing procurement plans, tender results, and financial reports with community members, as this points to a commitment by the community to transparency. And, by constantly reporting to community members, and sharing the results of the evaluation process by the end of the cycle, communities could display commitment to accountability as a value of governance, and are awarded points as per the scorecard.

“Tamkeen funds projects to repair the service delivery systems being managed by
Local Councils, and also projects to build the capacity of Local Councils directly.”

Tamkeen’s Goals

The governance scorecard allows Tamkeen and the communities themselves to plan ahead and have a clear idea of their level of commitment to good governance. With the launch of Cycle IV, Tamkeen is transferring primary implantation of the process in a number of its communities to the Local Councils from TCs. Tamkeen has thus issued a good governace scorecard for LACs, similar to the one used by TCs.

We invite you to view the scorecard in its two versions to get an idea of the full scope of activities TCs and LACs are expected to do part of the Tamkeen process in Cycle IV.

————————-Governance Scorecard for Tamkeen Committees——————-Governance Scorecard for Local Councils

For more information about how Tamkeen’s good governance scorecards are used, please contact us.